Unsure of how to get started? Here is a pdf with written and drawn step by step instructions of the basic three-strand braid and decorative lattice braid to get you going. 

Learn how to braid


What is included in the kit?

  • Practice Mane
  • 2-inch brush
  • Dull metal needle
  • Band ripper
  • 2x Hair clips
  • 100x Rubber braiding bands
  • 50x 24-inch strands of yarn
  • 2x 2-inch clamps

How to set up the Practice Mane.

1. Begin working on a flat surface with an edge or small lip (smaller than 2-in)

2. Remove from the packaging, being careful to unwind and straighten the Practice Mane without tangling

3. Place the Practice Mane flat, lining the edge of the Mane against the edge of the table (the Mane should fall unimpeded)

4. Unwind the clamps to the combined thickness of the table and Mane

5. Place one clamp on the left side of the Practice Mane and tighten

6. Place the second clamp on the right side of the Practice Mane and tighten.

7. Ensure Practice Mane is clamped tight enough to the surface to stay in place while lightly pulling

8. Brush out the Mane and begin braiding

NOTE: The Practice Mane is a faux/simulation mane lacking the flexibility of a real mane on a horse. It is meant as a learning tool, not a replacement.