The Story

Hello! My name is Victoria. I am the founder and creator of Cobblestone Roads: a business created around the absence of at home equine learning tools. During my personal and college education of the equine business/hobby, I encountered the continuous struggle of how, where, and when to find time with a horse. Be it through a paid lesson, generous friends, attendance at a local fair, or during schooling hours, it was difficult to find one-on-one time. I would have to 1) find a location and horse that I could work with, 2) make time in my schedule to get to said location and horse, 3) find a mode of transportation to the location, and 4) drag up the motivation to put the plan into action if all other criteria were met. Often time, step 3 and 4 were the losing factor due to odd hours, exhaustion, and/or no motivation. Obviously, this was a problem during my schooling as I had to get the hands-on learning to better my education and practical skills.

To combat this problem, I combined my interests in equines and sewing hobbies to make the Practice Mane. The Practice Mane is my solution to the “no horse” obstacle. As a faux mane alternative, this product offers at home learning opportunities, removing the immediate need for an actual horse to learn braiding. Equine braiding is a unique challenge that takes time to master. With a horizontal braiding surface, moving animal, height difference, and specific regulations and requirements, it can be a daunting task to start. The Practice Mane eliminates the anxiety of starting a new skill, giving you the ability to learn at your own pace and look like an expert when the opportunity to work on an actual horse arises. If you can gain the skills to confidently braid a horse’s mane to show quality, you can save thousands of dollars during your and your horse’s showing career.

The Practice Mane is a high-quality substitute that mirrors the strength and resilience of an actual mane. It can withstand all the pulling, tugging, twisting, and brushing of a real mane because each product is handmade (by me) from start to finish. Starting off as a poorly thrown together mess of scrap yarn and masking tape, I have spent the past year refining and perfecting the product to ensure the Practice Mane is the best it can be.